Happy Easter and a little video for fun!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, we were busy with training for Jess and spending time with family and friends.

Jess and I had a little fun and created a video of last months thank you card that I sent out for everyone that placed an order with me. I had all intentions of speaking on it but I got so nervous I bailed out again lol! Maybe next time!

Jess is off to Sydney tomorrow morning and we leave on Wednesday so i might be MIA for a little while. It’s a little exciting and unknown at the moment so please bear with me!

I will try and check my mail each evening and if you would like to place an order feel free to send me a message and I will get it placed for you or you can head over to my online store.

Don’t forget to use this months hostess code if you are placing an order to receive rewards from me!

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Birthday card for my big girl and #GDP076

So this happened today, my lovely big girl turned 14 today. It seems like only a blink of an eye since she was being born! Anyway enough being all soopy!

Late last night as I was trying to whip up a card for Jess I popped across and checked out the GDP and saw it was a case the designer challenge and I just loved Kylie’s card so thought I would try and incorporate the two!!

Check out Kylie’s creation here

I used red and white wrapping paper on her pressies so that dictated my colour scheme for the card {it’s got to match right??}, I’m not 100% happy with it but she thought it was great!

I coloured the black die cut dragonflies with Wink of Stella so they are really sparkly in real life. What do you think? If you were a 14 year old girl would you like this card?

It was pretty easy to put together. I used the paint splotch our of Work of Art and of course added some smaller dots from Gorgeous Grunge both in Sahara Sand….I can’t help myself honestly! It’s your birthday was stamped in Basic Black archival ink {leave it to dry a few moments before you layer it up as it seems to smudge a little if you do it immediately}

I layered that panel on Basic Black cardstock and then popped it up on dimensionals.

I then added the die cut dragonflies and some enamel dots!

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Been a busy few days!

I’m so sorry for being MIA for the last few days, it was so incredibly busy with my little athlete. On Saturday she participated in the Triathlon relay, the kids love this as it’s a team event, Jess’s had the swim leg with her team and came out of the water in 2nd place. All the girls had an awesome leg and ended up placing 3rd overall in the relays which was super exciting!

We then drove home from Hervey Bay, got up early on Sunday morning and headed out to Raby Bay for the final in the Gatorade Triathlon series, Jess managed a first place in the race and first in the series overall. So it was worth it. We all crashed in the afternoon and have been trying to catch up ever since. As you can see I didn’t have alot of spare time time to craft. But I’m going to make up for it now though:) It’s the girls birthday tomorrow so today’s first task is to make her a birthday card!

But first I’ll share another card I was working on yesterday, I was playing with the Balloon Adventure Stamp set and the Cup Cake and carousel DSP, aren’t the colours just gorgeous?

The card itself is super simple but I just love the designer series paper I used, the colours are so me!

Have you got someone you could give this card to? Make a comment below and I’ll do a random draw and send it out!

Don’t forget today is the last day to place an order and have one of this months Thank you cards sent out to you…..they are a surprise this month, I’ll share them either tomorrow or the next day! I’m pretty happy with how they turned out they are using the gorgeous Dragonfly Dreams stampset!!

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Coming to the end!

School holidays that is! I can’t believe two weeks have flown by so fast! We have had an absolutely fantastic time as a family and spent lots of time together and catching up with some great friends. But it’s time to get ready to get back into the routine that is a school term and that was kicked off yesterday when Jackson had a birthday party to attend with one of his “big” mates from school!

This friend of Jackson’s is quiet literally head and shoulders taller then Jackson (which really isn’t hard!) but they just love to play together and they look so cute together.

Anywho I digress! We have had the invite for a while and it was a skull one so Jackson wanted the packaging to match! Mmmm I think I may have created a monster here!!

Of course I wasn’t sure which way to go as I’m not a huge fan of scary skulls for littlies so with a bit of inspiration from here, this is what I came up with….


Here is a close up of the card! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and Jackson was over the moon with the finished results!!


Sorry the photo’s aren’t to great but as usual I was meant to be there by the time I was finishing these up yesterday afternoon and I was late as per usual! But Jackson was over the moon with the results!

I’ve had the Just Jawing set for a little while but have barely used it but it would seem my kids are getting to the age that skulls are all the rage! Scary hey!

Righto best run I’m going to try my hand at being organised and getting my things prepared for Technique class tomorrow night today!

Enjoy your Sunday



It’s that time of year!

My darling daughter (6) is finishing grade 1 on Friday…. Oh my only 2 days to go!! Scary when you say it out loud and my cheeky son has a week left at Pre Prep so I have been busy making Christmas cards and gifts for all their school friends! Years gone past I have done reindeer food using Festive Favourites. This year my gorgeous boy requested something a little different and as it turns out a little more involved!!


Here is the cards I made! 60 of them between the 2 of them!! And then here comes the more involved part……


I’m not sure you can see but I had to make 120 doughnuts, ice them with red icing and drizzle melted white chocolate over them! Yup that was what he wanted for his friends! Of course his sister quickly hoped on the band wagon and doubled my workload! They did look very cute but we had 2 nights of 1am bedtimes so tonight’s aim is to go to bed in the same day I woke up!!!

I have used my favourite christmas set Tree Trimmings (which has sadly retired now) in Riding Hood Red and Kiwi Kiss.

I wanted to say a huge thank you to all the girls who participated in our ESAD blog hop for their gorgeous inspiring work and I really hop you enjoyed viewing them all! Also thanks for all the comment love you left on my site, there nothing better for the ego!! So thanks guys I’m so glad I participated!!

Have a great night I’m off to prepare for bed!!



I have gone back to the tried and tested!

Yup that’s right I am over the laptop and trying to post on there so I’ve gone back to the semi reliable desktop! Yesterday I was trying to download some photo’s of teachers gifts I’d made off the camera and I lost the lot yeap you heard right I lost them off the laptop and in my infinite wisdom I had it set to delete after they were downloaded and so they were gone of the memory card to!!

I can tell you they were cute!! Perhaps if I get a chance I’ll make another and photograph it. I’d made 3 different ones and they were all so purdy!

Things have been getting a bit on top of me lately where I am feeling like everything is just to hard but over this weekend I have sat down and worked out a planner/ timetable for my week and scheduled everything in so am feeling much better about it all. I’ve also cleaned up my stamp room and house which was getting me down!

The other distraction I have of late is my new addition to the family (Bella) Seriously look at this face you’d think she was an angel!!!


Well let me assure you looks can be deceiving! We have erected many kinds of containment units over the last few months. Alas she is Houdini reincarnate! She can jump, chew, dig her way out of anything!!! So we have had to bite the bullet and bought a static shock fence! OK dog lovers don’t condemn me here but she has scared a little girl up the road once when she escaped and I’m afraid she will get in trouble and the good ole timber fence is not doing the trick!

Here’s a photo of the kids helping to show her where the warning zone is!


The little flags you see are where the beeps on the collar start if she takes about 2 steps past it she will get a shock from the collar. So far so good. Neil is tempted to get a collar for the neighbourhood kids to keep them out! (not nice)

OK so I know it has been ages and my excuses are poor so I thought I’d treat you to a collection of cards I made using the new set  Good Friend for our NEW catalogue launch on the 3rd.
























And then last but not least a scrap page as well!



 This is a layout I saw on Keeha’s blog ages ago and filed it away thinking yeap one day I’ll do a page with that and finally I did! This is Jess and one of her good mates on her 6th birthday!

With all of these I have used the new incolours cardstock and ink and the new Good Friend stamp set. I have also used the Good Morning sunshine DSP. These items all came from the preorder but Stampin’ Up! did not offer any ribbon in this preorder…..seriously what were they thinking! But luckily I received an invite to a managers function at convention made bu some lovely person at Stampin’ Up! and they used the Kiwi Kiss striped ribbon. So I just sort of borrowed it and made it stretch 3 cards! Thanks Stampin’ Up!

Hope to see you all again soon. If you still stop by sometimes do pop in and say hi so I know your still out there!!!

Speak soon



Birthday Invites!

My darling daughter is turning 6 on Sunday and has decided she would like an old fashioned party at home! So I’m endeavouring to set the standard for home parties. I’m refusing to go over the top and remortgage the house for the shin dig!

There will be some food, a few party games (small prizes for the winner) and then at the request of Jess a pinata….. which will double as the lolly bags.

There will be no clowns, no magician, no face painting or other hired help. Just myself, DH and my bestest mate Nic. Who I might add is a dab hand at the home birthday party!

Of course if you know me you know everything gets left to the last minute. So Nic came over last week and helped…did I say help I mean did, the party invites and planning for said party!

Seriously though Nic designed the birthday invites and I gave her a hand to finish them off.


And here’s a close up of the invites. I just love this cup cake and the chunky sprinkles!


She was great at whittling down the exorbitant invitee list to  much more manageable numbers. And she’s given me my lists of what I need to buy, do and make so again thanks Nic for saving my bacon!

Needless to say if I’m not about much this week that’s what I’ll be up to preparing for a 6th birthday party with about 20 kids!! ( I said manageable numbers not reasonable numbers) I did have to whip up a few invites after she left for the ones she wouldn’t let me invite. Shhh don’t tell her as she did threaten to escort any additions from the premises. LOL!!!

Bye for now



The perils of a creative house!!!

Now I quiet often let the kids join me in crafting! I find it a really nice thing to do together. My youngest Jackson has grown up around Stampin’ Up! I joined when he was about 10 months old and he has spent many hours sitting on my lap colouring, cutting and stamping with me! So when he asked me for some glue the other day I didn’t think much of it….he was making a merry-go-round (cause Mum and Dad are mean and won’t buy him one!)

I was on the computer catching up on some e-mails and was startled when I heard a blood curdling cry from the other room. I knew he didn’t have scissors so what can it be?

This is how I found him……


Me – What the matter

Him – It won’t stick

Me (tentatively) – Won’t stick to what honey

Him (with more sobs) – the wall

Yup he had tried to stick the paper chip cup to the wall as decoration for his Merry go round


I did prove though that the anywhere glue stick will in fact go anywhere!! Luckily enough it did wipe off very easily and Dad came home in the nick of time and side tracked him with a bike ride!

I’ll be back a bit later with a card and to let you know who won what with my catalogue party!! But for now I”m off to do some housework cause DH’s brother and girlfriend arrive Friday!!

Speak soon



So what have your kids been up to?

Warning this is not stamping related!!!

Well I have had kids here since 7.30am this morning…..yes you heard me 7.30 and there has been 6 of them! We have done a number of things including a treasure hunt, hide and seek and play with the puppy but they were finally driving me up the wall so I set them a challenge to see how many snails they could find!! (I'm sick of snails eating all my plants so this is something I had planned to do myself!!)

Here is one pot! These little guys were found in the holes of the bricks around the BBQ area and are now currently on my BBQ table (probably making an escape) as I am not allowed to squash them! Plan foiled once again!! Oh well they will loose interest soon and I can get em'

Right that's all from me for today.


I’m back!!*!?

I bet you didn't expect to see me here again tonight did you? Have you managed to scrap yourselves off the floor yet?

Well as promised I took a few shots of the kids getting ready to trick or treat. As a neighbourhood we sent out a flyer to say if you didn't mind the kids coming to your house leave the  front light on. If you didn't want them turn it off! I was so impressed the vast majority (even those without kids!) left it on.

The kids had a ball I think there was probably 20 kids running around and about 5 parents (for supervision) yeah sure!!

Here's my two. My DD witch and my DS pirate!

 Take special note of the face painting! I was pretty impressed even if I do say so myself. It was the first time I have ever done it and it turned out quiet well. One of my neighbours even commented that DS chest hair was artistic and looked real! And that he'd like some lol!

Jacks did well with he's patch on, I thought he might balk at it as he was patched for so many months before he's eye op!

And the next one is of the neighbours kids. We have an army man zombie and I'm not to sure what Matt was but I remember the mask from some movie.

These boys are great with my 2 considering the age gap. Jess and Lleyton are the best of friends and play most afternoons and all weekend together!

We have such a great neighbourhood it finished off about 8am with one of the dad's bringing out giants toes and spiders!!

I hope you had fun tonight if you decided to celebrate halloween! I know we did.

Speak soon

P.S the halloween sweets went down a treat at school! X